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Promethium for Snowflake Data Cloud

Boost Analytics ROI with Snowflake + Promethium

Promethium is the fastest no-code solution to get more data into Snowflake and to get more value from data in Snowflake.  

 Now with dbt  for Data Engineers and Data Analysts to build, validate and publish datasets faster and easier in Snowflake Data Cloud.

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 Just Launched! 

Promethium Free Edition. Be among the first to sign up.

Solution for Snowflake Data Cloud

Data Engineers can singlehandedly make answering questions with data faster for the business by shortening the time it takes to publish ready-to-use datasets in Snowflake Data Cloud with Promethium's Data Fabric

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Work Smarter with SQL

Promethium's no-code solution generates ANSI compliant SQL for enterprise grade data pipelines

Boost Productivity

Promethium's customers are able to boost productivity by up to 10X.  Deliver more faster!

Control Data Access

Share access to data and answers with confidence knowing data is only seen by the right people

Next time build Snowflake datasets faster with Promethium

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Build Datasets Faster

Promethium’s all-in-one solution uses SQL to transform data, but you don’t need to write the SQL (or any code at all) – the SQL is written for you.  It’s never been easier to build enterprise-grade data pipelines.

 New!  Build & Run With dbt

Promethium with dbt provides the power to quickly publish datasets in Snowflake following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation.

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Instantly Validate In Your Browser

Validate datasets in the browser in real time before committing to anything. Promethium provides instant preview and data visualization to make validation a breeze.  And with collaboration it’s easy to get agreement that the dataset is ready.

Create your next Snowflake dataset faster with Promethium!
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