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Your Solution for Cost Reduction

Reduce compute costs starting Day 1

Cost Reduction With Promethium White Paper

 Addressing Your Consumption Challenges

Enable your Analytics and Business Users

Data Modeling

Reduce Time to Value and EC2 Costs

Rapid Connectivity to Innovative Cloud Tools

Cloud Data Migration

Traditional ETL or ELT processes necessitate moving large amounts of data increasing the cost of data movement and storage. These processes are often scheduled to run at specific times, which can result in inefficient usage of resources and increased costs. Additionally, data in analytics and BI systems are often updated at regular intervals, and in some cases data is frequently unused, leading to stale dashboards and queries that are still being refreshed, adding to the cost. Promethium can help you mitigate this. By reducing the amount of data being moved and stored, organizations can reduce their EC2 compute costs.

Unlock 70% EC2 Consumption Savings

Reduce your Amazon EC2 consumption by up to 70% using Promethium

Why Choose Promethium Data Fabric

Data Products In Minutes, Not Months
Professional Services Not Required

Without Promethium it will take 3 months or more to deploy one simple Data Product use case.

Less Investment, Faster ROI

No need to buy and manually integrate many products.  Promethium is the one product Data Fabric.

Unlike traditional Data Fabric implementations, Promethium doesn't need expensive professional services

Give Overloaded Data Teams Relief

Data Engineers and data teams can deliver more in one day than they could in 1 month by using  Promethium first.

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Moving Data Too Much? Read The Cost Savings of Promethium
The Cost Savings of Promethium Overview Download
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