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Headless BI, All your Data in sight.

What if you could empower your business and customers to lead with data, no matter where it lives - on premises, in the cloud, or anywhere in-between?

The Headless BI Solution That Makes Data Analytics Better for Everyone.

Promethium Headless BI forms a smart semantic layer that stands independent from BI tools and cloud data platforms – centralizing governance and control while enabling de-centralized analytics consumption.

Harness The Power of a Universal Semantic Layer


Reduce the number of tools used 90%


Reduce time to insights 20x


Increase everyone’s productivity 10x
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Organizations Today Have Multiple Data Sources And BI Tools

As organizations deploy more than 1 data warehouse and more than 1 BI tool, they need to build, manage, and govern multiple semantic models.

Enter Promethium Headless BI

Promethium’s Headless BI is a virtual semantic model that applies to all data sources, even if it’s not in the data warehouse.

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Near Real-time Analytics

Business users can instantly make sense of data and get insights as even as metrics need to dynamically change. There is just no more waiting.

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Self Service

Easy to use interface enables anyone to make the most of their data

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Easy Governance

1 set of semantic models to build and manage for easy governance

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No matter what BI tool your company uses, you can be sure all your data is consistent and accurate

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“One of the biggest pain points teams face is that these tools define key metrics differently and might not communicate well with each other.”

Easily Consumable Data Products That Empower Everyone To Be Data Driven
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