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A Good Read: Gartner Quick Answer: Safely Using LLMs With an Active Metadata and Data Fabric Layer

Gartner Summary:

Introducing active metadata from a data fabric will enable LLMs to reduce manual data management implementation and transform enterprise data use. At the same time, the data fabric can protect data and analytics leaders from revealing competitive advantages to shared LLM learning models.

  • Read the full Gartner Quick Answer here.

Executive Summary:

Navigating Intelligent Data Management with Promethium's Active Metadata & Data Fabric Layer Amidst the Generative AI Hype.

The enthusiasm for Generative AI is palpable, but so are the concerns about hallucinations and self-reinforcing loops. At Promethium, we're pioneering an approach that integrates Active Metadata and augmented Data Management with Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate the complex tasks associated with data code development and ongoing maintenance.

There are Three Cornerstones for Robust Data Integration: Regardless of the data type—transactional, Internet of Things, Edge, or data analytics—automation is within your grasp.

Promethium delivers:

  1. ML-Fueled User & Usage Analysis: Our system uses machine learning to dissect logs, pinpointing which data is utilized, on what platforms, and for what business purposes. This analysis provides a dynamic view of your data landscape.

  2. Continuous Data Profiling: Promethium's data fabric assesses schema designs at the bit/byte level, enabling real-time comparisons between conceptual, implemented, and operational stages. This ensures you're always aligned with business changes and are aware of any data drift.

  3. Graph-Based Data Engineering: Our sophisticated algorithms overlay your data and usage behaviors onto critical metrics such as resource allocation, financial models, and risk/compliance considerations, delivering a comprehensive understanding of your data ecosystem.

We've incorporated Large Language Models in our Data Fabric: Promethium distinguishes itself by empowering Large Language Models to suggest data management and analyze code automatically.

Data models within our data fabric validate this code against actual production metrics. Our system doesn't just automate; it also offers real-time alerts and design suggestions. It can even flag sensitive intellectual property that should be kept confidential while giving you granular user access controls.

As the quest for intelligent data management continues to grow in complexity and scope, Promethium is a reliable partner for safety, automation, and data operational excellence.

Move beyond the limitations of traditional data management and embrace a future where the proliferation of Data Products becomes not a challenge but a competitive edge.

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