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How is HealthEquity speeding up data & analytics in a complex data environment?

Reto Matter, SVP Data Strategies and Engineering at HealthEquity, talks about how he and his data team are getting data to the people who need it faster. Watch the webinar recording on-demand.

For data and analytics leaders and their teams working with complex data environments, learn what approach and tools HealthEquity is using to help data engineers and data analysts be more productive and deliver more faster.


Complex data environments are common and effectively lock data away from the people who can use it to drive crucial decisions and outcomes. This is not a new problem, but it is getting worse as the number of data producing and data collecting sources grow.

"Two-thirds say decision making is only somewhat or rarely data-driven" - PWC's Global Data and Analytics Survey, July 2016

Reto illustrates this problem with a snapshot of the complex data environment at HealthEquity that has grown organically and through acquisition.

Complex Data Environment
Complex Data Environment


A complex data environment, like the example above, makes finding and accessing data slow and difficult.

For leaders, it means that crucial decisions aren't based on data, are based on incomplete data or are deferred.

For data engineers, work quickly piles up because of time spent finding and trying to access data. It's just not scalable to keep adding more data engineers.

For analysts, they do the best they can with the data they have, but they have to work harder than necessary or are not able to deliver what is needed.

For teams, it's difficult to track performance, respond quickly to changing situations and causes wasteful manual effort.

Impact of complex data environments
Impact of complex data environments

What Can Be Done

In his discussion with Promethium's CEO and Founder, Kaycee Lai, HealthEquity's data leader talks about the approach that he is taking to get data to the people who need it faster, and to use more of the data that HealthEquity has.

Watch the webinar, The Potential of Data Fabric to Accelerate Cross-Silo Analytics to learn what can be done.

HealthEquity selected Promethium as the data fabric to make finding and accessing data faster and easier, and to close the gap between data engineers and analysts so that the people with the data knowledge and the people with the business context can collaborate more effectively.

Because Promethium is fast and easy to setup there are no professional services costs or long complex projects.


Try Promethium free now. Connect your data and in minutes it will organized, searchable and accessible in one place. Don't worry, unlike other solutions that require data to be uploaded or moved, your data stays securely where it is.


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