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Self Service Analytics Case Study | Before and After

Self service analytics isn't simply giving everyone access to a Business Intelligence (BI) tool. True self service analytics jumps bigger hurdles, like those preventing access to trusted data, skillset limitations, resource constraints in data analytics teams and much more.

The potential impact of self service analytics is high, but case studies demonstrating real world benefits are hard to find or require costly subscriptions or analyst report purchases.

Eckerson Group recently published a research report on self service analytics, a solution that they have labeled the Self-Service Analytics Workbench. For the report Eckerson Group interviewed industry experts to paint a picture of the problems faced and how self service analytics helps.

The report includes a before and after case study and describes the real world process before self service analytics, and again after. The case study also describes the benefits achieved after self service analytics.

Eckerson and Promethium have partnered to provide the report free of charge. Get the self service analytics report and case study now.


When it comes to Self Service Analytics, at Promethium we are rebelling against the boring BI approach and have created a solution that is truly useful to real people. With Promethium non-technical business users can self-serve using intuitive search and auto-generated insights to get answers from data in minutes instead of months.


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