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Why a Data Catalog is Not Enough

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“Data catalogs provide information about data assets, which is great, but business users want answers to questions, not metadata. Answering business questions currently requires numerous purpose-built tools: a query engine, a data warehouse, tools for data preparation and visualization, and, yes, a data catalog. Although important, a data catalog is just one piece of the puzzle.“

Joseph Hilleary Headshot Eckerson Group

Joe Hilleary

Research Analyst, Eckerson Group

P.S. do you need to know more? Keep reading because we have curated a list the top reasons customers and users choose Promethium.

The  Top  Reasons Why Companies Choose Promethium. 


All-in-one solution that replaces legacy Data Catalog and Data Virtualization tools.

Promethium was built for seamless interoperability between the data catalog and data virtualization.  This is achieved first by putting the solutions in the same UI.  But more than that data discovery is built in and is conveniently available so that data can be discovered and immediately used without switching tools.


Easy enough for business users, powerful enough for data engineers.

Boost productivity for everyone and do more projects with the same resources.  With Promethium data engineering teams are freed from spending time on tedious repetitive tasks, duplicating effort and low value rework.

Business users are empowered with true self service and the ability to collaborate when more is needed.


Lower TCO than Data Catalog + Data Virtualization tool.

Eliminate costs related to owning, operating and integrating two separate software products. By replacing separate data catalog and data virtualization tools with Promethium data integration is simplified, data doesn’t need to be moved and productivity is increased.


Get value in days, not months.  Fast setup and data integration. 

Deployment and integration have been streamlined so that it is possible to get value on day one.  It's possible to get value day one because of support for 200+ on-premise, cloud and SaaS data sources, security that exceeds expectations, no complex software installation and automation for tedious onboarding tasks.

Switching to Promethium is easy.

Get high impact quick wins for you and your company.

Optimize Costs.

Replace the need for many tools, cut back on moving data and avoid costly integration services.

Promethium Lower TCO Green
Promehtium Avoid Infra Costs
Promethium Less Integration Spend

Cut Time to Insights.

Get answers in minutes instead of months by eliminating data and analytics bottlenecks

Reduce Time to Insight Green

Boost Productivity.

Eliminate complexity, automate tedious stuff and make finding and using data and answers easier

Promethium Boost Productivity
Help everyone to make
data driven decisions faster

Whether you are already struggling with a data catalog and data virtualization tool, or you have just started the search for a solution, one 30 minute demonstration could help you save big dollars and speed up insights for everyone.

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600+ Data and Analytics Teams use Promethium.
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