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We're Hiring:

Sales Engineer

Join the Promethium Team: Sales Engineer Extraordinaire Wanted!


At Promethium, we're not just breaking the mold; we're smashing it to pieces! We're on a mission to revolutionize the world of analytics and big data with the power of machine intelligence. Promethium has been recognized by SIIA 2022 Codie Award Winner for  Best Data Tools and Platforms available. Say goodbye to long wait times and complex data tools – we're here to simplify your data-driven life, just like Google Maps simplified your travel plans. Imagine asking a question, and BAM! Promethium delivers the answers. It's like magic, but with data!


We’ve helped our customers build thousands of data products using our Data Fabric in 90% less time than it would have taken with their traditional tools and processes. Customers like Quest Diagnostics, Hostess, ATD, CJ Group and many others have chosen the Promethium Data Fabric to accelerate their ability to find and access data so they can deliver data products to the business at the speed the business requires. Its no wonder that Promethium was crowned "Best New Product CDO Recommended" in 2021, and we're proudly strutting our stuff on the CRN Emerging Vendors and Big Data 100 lists for the last 4 years


As a testament to our workplace culture, Promethium offers a diverse, collaborative and innovative environment which allows for your skills to shine and grow. Promethium has been chosen for Will Reed’s Top 50 Startups of 2023, an award spotlighting early-stage companies who are shaping the future of workplace culture!


We're growing faster than a rocket ship, and we're on a mission to make data as easy as pie for data-driven businesses. If you're ready to help us redefine the world of data and analytics, hop on board!


Position Overview: Sales Engineer Superstar


We're hunting for a Sales Engineer with the energy of a supernova to join our Promethium party! As a Sales Engineer here, you won't just be part of the team; you'll be part of the future. Buckle up for a wild ride through the data galaxy as you team up with our sales squad and incredible clients to unleash the power of our SaaS products.


Key Responsibilities:


Technical Wizardry:Transform into a Jedi-level expert on our dazzling SaaS products and services. Stay on the cutting edge of all the latest developments and features.


Pre-Sales Pizzazz: Collaborate with our sales dream team to decode client needs and customize our SaaS solutions to blow their minds.


Showtime: Prepare for the spotlight! You'll be dazzling potential clients with mesmerizing product demos and presentations, revealing the magic within our SaaS offerings.


Solution Sorcerer: Work closely with clients to uncover their technical desires and propose custom solutions that make their business dreams come true.


Technical Chronicles: Create and curate mystical technical documentation, including solution blueprints, integration guides, and FAQs.


Pilot of Proof: Captain the ship for Proof of Concepts, steering clients towards the promised land of SaaS excellence.


Client Jedi Training: Train and empower clients to conquer the SaaS universe with our products.


Collaboration Crusader: Join forces with our heroic cross-functional teams – from product wizards to customer support superheroes – to ensure a seamless customer experience.


Feedback Whisperer: Harvest golden nuggets of client feedback and insights to fuel our quest for continuous product improvement.




  • Tech Expert: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent experience).

  • Sales Engineering Sorcery: Proven experience as a Sales Engineer in the SaaS industry.

  • Tech Savvy: Possess a knack for all things technical and a talent for unraveling complex software solutions.

  • Charm and Charisma: Excellent presentation and communication skills that could rival a stand-up comedy act.

  • Problem-Solving Maven:  A knack for solving puzzles and an ability to think creatively to meet client needs.

  • Team Dynamo: Comfortable as a lone wolf or a team player in the fast-paced galaxy of SaaS.

  • CRM and Sales Tools Navigator:Familiarity with CRM systems and sales enablement tools is a bonus quest!


What We Offer:


  • Perks for Days: Competitive compensation package with uncapped commissions, stock options, and more.

  • Work Your Way: Embrace the remote or hybrid work lifestyle from anywhere.

  • Rocket Ship Ride: Join early and ride the wave of a growing data fabric startup.

  • Health and Happiness: Enjoy health, vision, dental, and life insurance, flexible spending, unlimited PTO, parental leave, and a 401k with a 4% employer match.

  • Global Crew: Be part of a culturally diverse and distributed team.

  • Growth Galore: Count on professional growth opportunities in the dynamic world of SaaS.

  • Team Spirit: Soak up the supportive vibes of our collaborative work environment.

  • Shape Tomorrow: Help us shape the future of SaaS solutions – it's an adventure!


How to Apply:


Ready to embark on the Promethium adventure? Send your resume and a cover letter to, telling us why you're the perfect fit for this cosmic role.


Promethium is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage candidates of all backgrounds to join our interstellar journey!


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Want to Learn More about Promethium?

Promethium's Analytics offering is flexible. Build customized data visualizations in days instead of months of ETL projects.

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