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Attention Data Leaders

Speed up data driven decision making while cutting costs.

If you have struggled with your data catalog and data virtualization tools; if you have tried everything to get adoption; if you need results today not in 12 months; then this is the solution you need.

4 reasons why using a data catalog with a data visualization tool doesn't work.
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Replace Legacy Data Catalog and Data Virtualization tools.

Promethium was built for seamless interoperability without switching tools between the data catalog and data virtualization.  

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Reduce Operational Complexity.

With Promethium data engineering teams are freed from spending time on repetitive tasks. Business users gain an easy-to-use data pipeline builder with access controls and collaboration. 

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Lower TCO.

Eliminate costs related to owning, operating and integrating multiple software products. Integration is simplified, your data doesn't need to be moved for discovery or cataloging increasing productivity.

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Faster Time to Value.

Deployment and integration have been streamlined so that it is possible to get value day one with 200+ on-prem, cloud and SaaS data connections.

Solving the problem is easier than you think.

Switch to the all-in-one solution that is easy enough for non-technical users and still powerful enough for data engineers.

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Get quick wins for you and your organization.

Optimize Costs.

Replace the need for many tools, cut back on moving data and avoid costly integration services.

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Reduce Time to Insights.

Get answers in minutes instead of months by eliminating data and analytics bottlenecks

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Boost Productivity.

Eliminate complexity, automate tedious stuff and make finding and using data and answers easier

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Read Analyst Research.
The Case for the Self-Service Analytics Workbench
NL Eckerson Group Promethium Report When a Data Catalog is Not Enough Cover.png
Overcome Data Bottlenecks with a Self-Service Data Platform
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Business moves too fast to wait for data. Act now
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