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Promethium Your Data Fabric As A Service

Always Available, Low Cost, Never Wait For Data Again.

Enable high-Performance Data Teams to Keep up with the speed of Analytics and Business demands.

The One True Data Fabric.

Promethium is the most comprehensive Modern Data Fabric available today. Unlike legacy Data Fabric that require complex pipelines, Promethium allows fast and easy consumption FIRST before the need to move data.  

Only move the data that you AFTER have VERIFIED and know ADDS VALUE.  

Promethium provides improved data integration by using data virtualization as part of its modern data fabric
Promethium's data fabric makes data discovery easier by leveraging active metadata and breaking down data silos within organizations

Data Discovery

Promethium's modern data fabric leverages virtual queries and federated access to provide best-in-class data virtualization

Virtual / Federated Access

Promethium leverages active metadata as a key component of its modern data fabric to provide relevant and accurate results

Active Metadata

Leveraging the power of generative AI, Promethium's modern data fabric is able to automate repetitive processes and provide a state-of-the-art no-code solution

GenAI & Automation

The architecture of Promethium's modern data fabric is able to connect over 200+ data sources, regardless whether they are data lakes, data warehouses, databases, SaaS apps, or business apps. Promethium leverages active and passive metadata to provide relevant results and improve discovery and governance of data assets. By using data virtualization to access and query data directly at the source, combines with suggestions and recommendations leveraging AI & ML, Promethium's data fabric can visualize data quickly and easily and allow business users to easily consume and digest data. Promethium's modern data fabric makes it easier to get from data to insight.

Why Choose Promethium Data Fabric

Data Products In Minutes, Not Months
Professional Services Not Required

Without Promethium it will take 3 months or more to deploy one simple Data Product use case.

Less Investment, Faster ROI

No need to buy and manually integrate many products.  Promethium is the one product Data Fabric.

Unlike traditional Data Fabric implementations, Promethium doesn't need expensive professional services

Give Overloaded Data Teams Relief

Data Engineers and data teams can deliver more in one day than they could in 1 month by using
Promethium first.

Fabric PM61 Green.png
Data Fabric Comparison
Comparison & Clarification

Data Virtualization is NOT a Data Fabric, but an underlying technology to the Data Fabric

Data Virtualization
Data Fabric with Promethium
Data Pipeline
Data Modeling
Data Catalog
Data Types
Primarily Structured Data
Structured, Unstructured, Semi-Structured
Data Connectivity
Data Preparation
Caching, In-memory
Data Security, Governance
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
AI, ML Based Automation
Composable Components

Get The Data Fabric Solutions Brief (no form fill required)

Promethium data fabric solution brief
Data Fabric Solutions Brief
Don't let your business wait months for data!
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