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Data Mesh
Beginners Guide
451 Beginners Guide To Data Mesh Cover.png
The Role of a Data Catalog for Analytics
NL Eckerson Group Promethium Report When a Data Catalog is Not Enough Cover.png
Special Report: Self-Service Data Solutions
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Promethium Provides Data Fabric and Self-Service for Speed to Insights
Promethium Provides Data Fabric and Self-Service for Speed to Insights
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Data Discovery & Data Catalog
Data Modeling
Self Service Analytics

Information Sheets and Solution Briefs

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Generative AI Solutions

Reduce Security and IP risk while enabling Generative AI capabilities

202108 SB Healthcare Cover v2.png

For Healthcare

Real-time cross-source analytics with governance for PHI & PII.

Promethium dbt Cloud and dbt Core Solution Brief v1.jpg

Solution For dbt™

Seamless integration of dbt Cloud™ and dbt Core™

202205 Promethium Data Fabric v1.jpg

Data Fabric Solution

Speed matters to business performance

202201 Promethium Company Info Sheet v1.png

Flexible Data Fabric

Promethium will help CDOs scale data and analytics.  Learn how with this information sheet.

202201 SB Self Service v2.jpg

Solutions for Self-Service

Eliminate complexity and handoffs

202201 SB Retail & Wholesale Industries Cover.png

For Retail & Wholesale

Making on-demand cross-source analysis possible today by reimagining data access and analytics.

202205 Promethium Data-as-a-Product Solution.jpg

Data As A Product

The current state of decision making is not sustainable

202205 Promethium Professional Plan v1.jpg

Professional Plan

The all-in-one solution for data and analytics

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