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About Promethium

We are rebelliously creative and disruptively innovative

Help every business be data driven by enabling every employee to make data driven decisions in near real time

Be Ready to Answer Tomorrow's Questions Today

Answering important business questions with enterprise wide data has become an unsustainable and slow cycle of repeatedly moving and transforming data.  This can't happen without data products.  Good data products can only be built on a solid data fabric foundation.

By presenting a unified and consistent view of all of an enterprises's data and providing the ability of fast & secure access to the data, Promethium can enable trusted data products to be assembled with far greater agility and ease.

At Promethium, we are relentlessly focused on helping organizations break free from the inefficient data relay holding them back.  We have invented the future of data analytics with a solution that prioritizes fast access to trusted answers in minutes instead of months so you will never be surprised by unexpected outcomes.

With Promethium, our customers find new insights and answer pressing business questions while reducing project backlogs, decreasing the total cost of ownership, while simplifying the quest to a single and consistent view + access of their data.


CEO and Founder Kaycee Lai has assembled a leadership team with experience at leading technology companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce and VMware.

Meet the leadership team:

Kaycee Lai, CEO Promethium

Kaycee Lai

CEO & Founder


Ravi K HS.jpeg

Ravi Kasamsetty

VP, Engineering


Board of Directors
Kaycee Lai, CEO Promethium

Kaycee Lai



Jocelyn Goldfein Promethium Board

Jocelyn Goldfein

Managing Director




Arnold Silverman Promethium Board

Arnold Silverman



Graham Brooks Promethium Board

Graham Brooks



Ganesh Bell Insight.jpeg

Ganesh Bell


Jim Cushman Promethium.jpeg

Jim Cushman


Ellen Rubin Promethium.jpeg

Ellen Rubin


Arvind Gidwani Promethium.jpeg

Arvind Gidwani


Join the team

We're looking for great people to help us invent the future of data analytics.

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