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Promethium for Healthcare

Real-time cross-source analytics with governance for PHI & PII

Addressing Pain For Healthcare

Don't Have a Single Compliant View of Data

Compliant Cross-Source Analysis is Slow or Impossible

Can't Respond Quickly

Compliance has clashed with, and even prevented, fast and on-demand analytics for the Healthcare industry.  Data is critical for the Healthcare industry to optimize care and create new healthcare offerings. Compliance increases complexity creating a process that requires many steps, people and tools, and relies on building data pipelines to move data to a central repository.  It’s months of work that can’t be verified until it’s too late.

How Promethium Can Help

Reimagine Analytics. Stay Compliant While Accelerating Cross-Source Analytics.

Single, Compliant Data View and Access

Healthcare organizations and businesses can modernize their data strategy by having a single, complete and compliant view of data, as well as real-time data access where the data lives.  The combination of faster data discovery and data access without moving data makes on-demand cross-source analytics a reality.

Uncover Insights for New Offerings While Maintaining Compliance

Perform on-demand cross-source analysis by combining data from separate on-premise, cloud and external sources in real time.  Help employers know what data can and cannot be used, and keep everyone safe with fine grain access control, masking and encryption.

Try New Analysis Ideas Faster

Give Analysts and Business Users the ability to test new analysis ideas or hypothesis faster than ever before.  Provide real-time governed access to data sources that haven't been available before and see what insights can be discovered.

Don't let cross-source analysis problems get in the way of business!
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