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Promethium for Retail & Wholesale

Making on-demand cross-source analysis possible today by reimagining data access and analytics

Addressing Pain For Retail & Wholesale

Cross-Source Analysis Needed for Forecasting

Cross-Source Analysis is Slow or Impossible

Analysis Not On-Demand, Not Real Time

Forecasting and supply chain optimization are critical for sustaining and growing retail and wholesale business.  Forecasting needs to be fast, ideally on-demand with the most recent data, and complete, not partial. This always requires long data discovery, complex and brittle ETL and moving data to a central repository - like a Data Warehouse or Data Lake. The effort is immense and the wait time to see results is long.

How Promethium Can Help

Reimagine Analytics. Accelerated Cross-Source Analytics.

On-Demand Seasonal Forecasting

Create complete and accurate seasonal forecasts when the business needs them.  Join and analyze data on-demand across on-premise, cloud and external sources without needing or waiting to move data to a central repository first.

Real-Time Data Sharing & Supply Chain Optimization

Enable real-time data sharing for regulatory compliance and analysis. Standardize reporting mechanisms and infrastructure to launch new business models. Ensure timely delivery of goods by streamlining your supply chain while minimizing “out of stock” items. Enable pre-emptive stocking of goods at warehouses.

Try New Analysis Ideas Faster

Give Analysts and Business Users the ability to test new analysis ideas or hypothesis faster than ever before.  Provide real-time governed access to data sources that haven't been available before and see what insights can be discovered.

Don't let cross-source analysis problems get in the way of business!
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