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451 Initiates Coverage of Promethium

Matt Aslett, 451's Research Director for Data, AI & Analytics, has initiated coverage of Promethium. Get the report for free.


"Promethium has positioned itself well, as its Data Navigation System (DNS) provides data analysts with AI-driven and automated self-service access to data without requiring data to be migrated to a new platform." - Matt Aslett 451 Research Director, Data, AI & Analytics


The increased interest and coverage from top Analysts underscores the impact Promethium is having helping data and analytics teams answer business questions in minutes instead of months.

In Matt's Coverage Initiation report he shares some very insightful survey data that exposes the challenges faced by data teams that slow down data analytics.

You can read more in the report by downloading it here

Latest Update: 451 have updated their coverage of Promethium. Get the updated coverage report free.



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