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451 Updates Coverage of Promethium

Matt Aslett, 451's Research Director for Data, AI & Analytics, has updated coverage of Promethium. Get the updated 451 Promethium coverage report free.


"The company has expanded the augmented data management functionality of its Data Navigation System – as well as its management team and partnerships – to better address the needs of chief data and analytic officers as well as consulting and service providers driving analytics acceleration projects." - Matt Aslett 451 Research Director, Data, AI & Analytics


Being at the leading edge means that our solution doesn't fit neatly into a single Analyst category. Analysts across all firms don't have a single category that is a good fit for our solution, so you can expect to see our product featured in more than one category.

Promethium spans the end to end process from data discovery to analytics. With one product we solve problems generally solved with a combination of many tools including data catalog, ETL, data integration, data modeling, data preparation and visualization tools.

As illustrated below, data and analytics teams can be more efficient and complete data and analytics requests in minutes instead of months with one solution instead of many.



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