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AI and NLP Require New Approach to Data Catalogs

Kaycee Lai, CEO and Founder of Promethium discusses how Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing require data catalogs to have new capabilities in this Eckerson CDO TechVent Breakout Session. Sign up for the next session here.

Growing demand for real-time analytics and data insights combined with affordable storage have made data more plentiful than ever, but transforming that data into revenue generating business use cases has become increasingly challenging as data sources are fragmented.

New AI data quality and NLP tools are increasing data operations and business analyst requirements for data accessibility and time to answer.

However, the traditional data catalog has become unable to keep up with the needs of agile business analytics users and efficiency conscious data engineering teams.

In this discussion, Kaycee dives into how a data fabric architecture that combines the functionalities of a data catalog with the ability to quickly and easily access data can help your company reach its analytics and data consumption goals.


Make Your Business an Insights and Analytics Leader

With Promethium, data leaders have been able to speed up the analytics workflow to get from question-to-data-to-answer faster than ever, discover and uncover your analytics advantage.

Promethium makes it possible to:

  • Increase productivity of data engineering and data analyst teams by up to 10X.

  • Accelerate projects by avoiding over 10,000 hours of effort.

  • Save millions in costs by not requiring teams of consultants to do custom integrations for implementations of data pipelines, data catalogs, and self-service analytics solutions.




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