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Starburst, Tableau and Promethium Talk Data Pandemic

Data is what helped businesses like Starbucks transform quickly in response to the pandemic. Data will continue to be critical for business to quickly adapt to future market changes.


The Starburst Datanova event was an all virtual experience this year due the continuing impacts of the COVID pandemic. For many businesses that rely on annual conferences, the decision to switch to virtual events was the obvious decisions when compared to the not running an event at all. But what about the decisions that aren't that obvious?

Andrew Beers, CTO of Tableau, and Kaycee Lai, CEO and Founder of Promethium, tackled that topic at Datanova. Starburst ran a great panel on the topic of, "Data Pandemic: Responding to Crisis & Data Deficits". The panel was hosted by Tony Baer, founder of dbInsight. Watch the recording here.

Andrew Beers from Tableau opened with a great story about how Starbucks leveraged data to transform, almost overnight, to survive and thrive during the pandemic. His story seamlessly moves on to expose challenges commonly faced by organizations.


"But there are a lot of organizations out there that have legacy systems and perhaps outdated processes that hold them back from really effectively using data like this,"

- Andrew Beers, CTO of Tableau


The customer stories and shared experiences of Andrew and Kaycee exposed just how unprepared many businesses were to use their data to survive the pandemic. Kaycee Lai from Promethium started by highlighting the first challenge for most business - not knowing what data they have, where it is and finding that the data is out of date.


"What we are seeing is, especially with the pandemic, is that more than ever people realize that they not only need to know what they are looking for, but they need to be able to find it quickly and the data needs to be fresh,"

- Kaycee Lai, CEO and Founder of Promethium


The panel session is rich with helpful insight and real world experiences. Watch the full recording here.

Starburst Datanova 2021. Starburst and Promethium are partners, and Promethium is a customer of Starburst's products.


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