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The Promethium Data Fabric. 

Get data to the right consumer, in the right shape, at the right time.

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Smart Data and Analytics Teams Use Promethium to Build Data Products.
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Gartner Peer Review Promethium 4.7 Stars in Data and Analytics Space
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The solution that makes building trusted Data Products EASY.

Make your organization the leader in fast data and insights.  Break free from long wait times and stitching multiple solutions together with a Data Fabric.

Optimize Costs.

Replace the need for many tools, cut back on moving data and avoid costly integration services.

Promethium 90% Lower Total Cost of Ownership Through Less Tools Needed
Reduce Infrastructure Costs by 77%
Reduce the cost of Data Integrations by 91%

Less Time to Insights.

Get answers in minutes instead of months by eliminating data and analytics bottlenecks

20x faster time to insight

Boost Productivity.

Eliminate complexity, automate tedious stuff and make finding and using data and answers easier

Boost Productivity 10x
Building Data Products Is Too Long & Complex.

Simply building pipelines is NOT Enough.  Data Products require a lot of hard work from data teams!

Today Without Promethium

Manual, complex, error prone,
many tools, disjointed

Overview of the 9 process steps necessary to create a data product without Promethium
With Promethium

Automated, easy, all-in-one, AI-Assisted

The 3 Steps neccessary to create a data product with Promethium
Highly Awarded.
2022 SIIA CODiE Winner "Best Data Tools & Platforms"
Best Data Tools & Platforms
2023 CRN Big Data 100
2021 CODiE SIIA Finalist
CRN Big Data 100 Winner 2022
Promethium Wins Big Innovation Award 2021
CDO Magazine Best New Product 2021
Promethium 2021 CRN Emerging Vendors
Promethium Wins AI Excellence Award 2021
Best New Product
Expert Research for Faster Data and Analytics.
Special Report: Self-Service Data Solutions
The Road to Self Service Bliss Resource Document
Data Mesh
Beginners Guide
451 Beginners Guide To Data Mesh Resource Document
When a Data Catalog is Not Enough
NL Eckerson Group Promethium Report When a Data Catalog is Not Enough Resource Document
Connect your first data source in 5 minutes. It's that easy.
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