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Answer Questions With Data Faster

Thrive in this ever changing world and adapt quickly to unlock new ways to grow and operate. Promethium helps you realize the power of your data by increasing usage and adoption of data analytics to drive business outcomes.

Solutions By Use Case

Using a Data Fabric to Enable Generative AI

Enable generative AI across your organization by creating a single logical layer for LLMs to interface with

Leverage active metadata allow data fabric to find and recommend by automatically discover and rank, and verify data products

Reduce implementation timeline for Generative AI from weeks and months to days and enable data-driven decision faster

Solutions By Industry

Promethium for Healthcare

Break down data silos and increase data accessibility to enable innovation

Provide unified, consistent, and compliant view to discover and access data across systems

Enable self service and democratize data access leveraging Gen AI

Solutions By Technology

Boost Analytics ROI with Promethium + Snowflake

Break down data silos, reduce costs, and enable secure collaboration

Logo of Promethium, the modern data fabric as a service company

Unify integration of disparate data sources and create data products using Gen AI


Democratize data analytics and allow more use cases leveraging natural language in real-time

By Technology
By Industry
By Use Case
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