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Azary Smotrich Headshot

Azary Smotrich - Principal Architect

Azary Smotrich is the Principal Architect at Promethium responsible for defining product architecture. Prior to joining Promethium, he founded Orchestrion, a software consultancy specializing in large distributed systems, prescriptive and financial analytics, with participation in successful contracts at NASA, USAF, GE and Fannie Mae. Smotrich also held technical leadership positions with founding teams at Model N and Waterline Data where he was responsible for various platform modules, persistence, integration and security frameworks. At the world’s largest call center provider LiveOps, he introduced and successfully deployed a new agent management architecture that dramatically improved system reliability, resulting in significant business improvement. In addition to holding senior technical positions at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, Smotrich was also co-founder of PetroSoft, a successful Oil & Gas startup.

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