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Promethium Solution for Cloud Data Migration

Making cloud data migration possible today by reimagining data access and analytics

Addressing Cloud Data Migration Challenges

Interruption to Analytics and Business User 

Moving and Rebuilding Data Pipelines

Adapting to New Cloud Technology

Migrating data sources that supply analytical systems is difficult. Data needs to be migrated from one source system to the another with minimal interruption for Business and Analytics users. This always requires multiple stages, coordination across many teams, querying multiple systems in order to access all data, accuracy issues and significant efforts by IT to manage many moving parts.

3 Part Solution

Promethium can alleviate the issues of data migrations by creating a data fabric over the top of all data sources. This becomes the single point of access data consumption layer. The data consumption layer allows for the underlying data locations, formats and technologies to change without the users needing to be aware. IT can concentrate on moving the data and users can get fast, reliable, accurate, and timely data without interruption.

Discover, Catalog, Prioritize

The first step is to know what data is available across the enterprise and understand what is important to the business. Promethium discovers and organizes all data quickly and intelligently using metadata to identify the most important data to help with prioritization. Add data sources in minutes, not months.

Unify Data Access Pre-Migration

Before migration business users, tools and data consuming services are pointed to the Promethium data fabric unified data access layer and no longer need to know where the data comes from or when that location has changed. 

Add Cloud Data, Unify Access

As data is migrated from on-premise systems to the cloud, views are updated to point to the new location with zero downtime or interruption for data analysts and business users. All users are migrated simultaneously and seamlessly.

Don't let cloud data migration get in the way of business!
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