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Fast, Intuitive

Data Discovery

Data Discovery designed to quickly connect users with trusted data for fast analytics.  With Promethium, data discovery will never stand in the way of data-driven business decisions.

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promethium logo white.png
promethium logo white.png
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Data Catalog

Data users can discover and access data directly through the data catalog. Cataloging is automated and lighting fast.  Results can be seen in under an hour.

Intuitive Search

Finding data has never been easier or more intuitive.  Simply type the business analysis question to be answered.  The question is intelligently matched to data across your organization.

promethium data discovery intuitive search
promethium data catalog
Collaboration & Workflow

Built-in collaboration and workflows remove the manual, ad-hoc process of fulfilling data requests.  Business users can search for questions that have already been answered and eliminate duplicated effort.  

Still not convinced?

Lighting Fast

In-memory index for response times in ms


Your data is not moved.  Only metadata is needed.

Easy Start. Low TCO

No implementation services needed.

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