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Promethium Data Management

Data Lake Use Cases

Deploy your Data Lake faster and avoid costs with help from Promethium

Deploy Your Data Lake Faster
Keep Everyone Productive

Stop your Data Lake from becoming a data swamp by using Promethium to prioritize data.

Promethium is the fastest way to catalog and explore data and discover the most popular data in your organization. Fill your lake with the data that people actually need first.

Buy a Smaller Data Lake
Don't Waste Money

Data Lakes cost a lot of money.  Avoid spending more than you need and right size your Data Lake.

Use Promethium to identify only the data that should be moved to your Data Lake.  For everything else you can use Promethium to access, query and visualize data at the source.

Avoid Buying a Data Lake

With Promethium you have the option to avoid buying a Data Lake.

If your reason for wanting a Data Lake is for the convenience of schema-on-read and to have data in one location then you can get a better experience with Promethium without needing to centralize data in a Data Lake.

Don't let your business wait months for answers from data!
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