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Looker and Promethium

Looker, powered by Promethium, makes Looker instantly more accessible to more people by reducing the learning curve and by connecting people with trusted data in minutes instead of months


Connect Looker With Trusted Data With One Click

Looker is powered by LookML to make data modeling easier.  Promethium automatically generates LookML, making Looker faster and easier than ever.


Together To Help You

Answer Business Questions Faster

Remove everything that slows down answering business questions, like waiting for long ETL jobs, complex data migrations, LookML generation and more.  Easy one-click integration.

Save Time

With AI driven automation Promethium can reduce the time spent on data discovery, preparation, query and LookML generation from months to minutes.

Enable Self Service Analytics

Promethium delivers features to Looker users that enable self service analytics, like intuitive search for finding published Looker reports and dashboards.

Unlock Insight Across Multiple Sources

Get insight without the normal challenges of getting data from different sources.  Instantly join tables from different data sources and give Looker users access to more data instantly.

Expand Looker Use

Remove complexity and create a better user experience.  When users don't need to learn LookML and don't have long data wait times it is easier for everyone to use Looker to get insights.​

Boost Collaboration, Reduce Duplication

Enable Looker users and Data Teams to collaborate on answering business questions with data, then share answers as easy to find Looker reports.

Make self service analytics a reality today.  Get started free
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