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Learn About the First AI-Native Data Fabric at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit from March 11-13th in Orlando, FL!

Are you ready for an event that brings together industry experts, thought leaders, CDOs, CIOs, analytics & business intelligence leaders, and other data professionals for 3 days of networking and insightful sessions?

If so, then you need to stop by at Promethium Booth 217 to:

  1. Learn why we are the first AI-native data fabric and how that can get you near-real-time analytics

  2. Play at the demo station and build data products in a single workflow to get answers in real-time

  3. Ask us about the newly launched Data Fabric resource center that can get you started on the Data Fabric journey

  4. Enter in a draw to win Apple Vision Pro

  5. Plus take home giveaways for your friends and family

Also, you should join our session on Monday, March 11, 4:30– 4:50 pm EST (Theater1) to hear How to leverage a Data Fabric to Accelerate and Democratize Data Analytics using GenAI” from our own Kaycee Lai, Founder and CEO, Promethium.

In this session, you will learn how customers leverage the AI-Native Data Fabric and active metadata for real-time data access and relevant context, enabling GenAI to: 

  • Generate new data products from scratch

  • Automatically discover, verify, and rank data products and explain recommendations

  • Instantly query and consume data with a 360 view for business

  • Enable engaging with data using natural language and empowering self-serve analytics, making data products more accessible to users with varying technical expertise and opening up new use cases. 

Schedule a demo and play with data products in real time.



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