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Promethium with dbt Core™

Build dbt Core™ models with 
just a few clicks and no coding

Get the best of dbt Core™ with the convenience of a no-code user experience that auto-generates SQL for you. Making dbt Core™ easy for everyone!

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When data is easier to use more people will make more data driven decisions

More than 19,000 data driven answers were created with Promethium in 2022!

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Join these leaders in analytics and insights

Build, test and publish your next dbt Core™ model in minutes with Promethium

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Auto generate the SQL you need with just a few clicks. Code only when you have to

Promethium’s all-in-one solution uses SQL to transform data, but you don’t need to write the SQL (or any code at all) – the SQL is written for you.  It’s never been easier to build enterprise-grade data pipelines.

Build the right dbt Core™ model the first time every time with instant validation and collaboration

Validate data pipelines in the browser in real time before committing to anything. Promethium provides instant preview and data visualization to make validation a breeze.  And with collaboration it’s easy to get agreement that the pipeline is right.

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Build & Run dbt Core™ models from the browser without writing SQL or using a CLI

Promethium with dbt provides the power to quickly publish datasets following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation.

*dbt Core is a trademark of dbt Labs, Inc. All rights therein are reserved to dbt Labs, Inc. Promethium is not a product or service of or endorsed by dbt Labs, Inc.

It's Free to get started

More reasons to love working with Promethium

Easy Setup

Get started without installing anything.  Sign up, connect a data sources and start building a pipeline in minutes.

Boost Productivity

Promethium's customers are able to boost productivity by up to 10X.  Deliver more faster!

Your Data Is Secure

Promethium doesn't store your data, plus you have role based and attribute based control of data access and privacy.

Build your next data pipeline in minutes with Promethium!
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