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Promethium for Snowflake Data Catalog

The Fast Data Catalog and Metadata Engine for Snowflake

Connect Promethium to Snowflake and create a Data Catalog in minutes 

Promethium Snowflake Connector Preview

How Promethium Works

Fast metadata discovery that catalogs your data sources in minutes.

Promethium Data Explorer
Discover Trusted Data

Search for data across your organization with powerful search. Intelligent reasoner recommends results based on table names, column names, tags, and data use, user rating and more.

Preview Data Instantly

Instantly preview data where it lives, without needing to move it first. Understand if the data is a good fit quickly, without waiting or struggling to find data experts.

Promethium Data explorer agent
Promethium Data peer reviews
Peer Reviews & Usage

See how others rate and use data. In one place learn how often the data is used and what it is used for.  With endorsements, feel confident that data is good to use.

Add Context With Tags

Share knowledge of data and help everyone understand data and business context.  Quickly tag tables and columns.  Tags enhance the search experience to make data accessible to everyone.

Promethium Data explorer context with tags
user access controls in Promethium
Protect Data

User, role and attribute based data access, security and privacy at the row and column level makes protecting data a breeze.

Game Changer!
Use Data Instantly

Unlike other data catalogs, with Promethium you can find data then immediately use it for data and analytics - all from one solution.

Build data pipelines and datasets.  Visualize, analyze and share data-driven answers.

Validate Snowflake Data with In Platform Graphs

Start using your Data Catalog on Day 1
with Promethium Data Navigation System

Don't Move Data
Start Immediately

Break free of the slow and unsustainable cycle of repeatably moving data to catalog it.

Connect data sources and start seeing and searching your data on day one. No matter where your data is.

Do More With Data

Don't stop at finding data.  Use one solution to also prepare, join, query and visualize data in minutes without ETL.

Expert Research on Data Catalogs
When a Data Catalog is Not Enough
NL Eckerson Group Promethium Report When a Data Catalog is Not Enough Cover
How to solve the problem with self service
Road to Self Service Bliss Cover
Don't waste months or years on a legacy data catalog.  Start instantly with the modern data catalog!
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