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Promethium Named to Will Reed’s Top 100 Class of 2023

Out of 2,500+ eligible Seed and Series A B2B tech companies, Promethium is named an early-stage company shaping the future of workplace culture

WillReed Top 100 2023 Promethium
Promethium in Top 50 of Top 100

Menlo Park, CA — September 7, 2023 – Promethium announced today it has been chosen for Will Reed’s Top 100 (#48), an award spotlighting early-stage companies who are shaping the future of workplace culture.

At Promethium, we are relentlessly focused on helping organizations break free from the inefficient data relay holding them back. We have invented the future of data analytics with a solution that prioritizes fast access to trusted answers in minutes instead of months so you will never be surprised by unexpected outcomes.

With Promethium, our customers find new insights and answer pressing business questions while reducing project backlogs, decreasing the total cost of ownership, while simplifying the quest to a single and consistent view + access of their data.

“We’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage B2B tech companies who are on mission to transform the way we live and work,” said Paige Robinson, Founder & CEO of Will Reed. “We believe the most successful companies are those like Promethium, who are committed to building human-first cultures that offer purpose, belonging, and growth.”

“Always help your fellow Promethean. We are all in this together. Be passionate about what you do. Or don’t do it. Never settle for it’s never been done this way.” - Kaycee Lai, CEO and Founder of Promethium.

Visit to learn more about Promethium’s commitment to purpose, belonging and growth.

About Promethium

Promethium is an AI-powered Data Fabric that enables every employee to make data-driven decisions by simply asking a question. Data silos now disappear. Complex tasks such as ETL/ETL can be done with a simple sentence. Even complex queries and charts can be built all with just natural language. We believe that data should be easily leveraged, and the enablement of data literacy can be done using AI.

Learn more visit:

About Will Reed

Will Reed is the only go-to-market (GTM) executive search firm built exclusively for early-stage founders. The firm equips Seed, Series A and Series B founders to build exceptional GTM leadership teams through search, enablement, community and heart. With an operator-centric approach, the team is led by GTM operators who are supported by a curated team of tenured search professionals. The firm has worked with incredible founders backed by a16z, Bessemer, Craft, Insight Partners, Redpoint, Sequoia, etc. More information can be found at and



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