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This is Next-Generation Data Virtualization

What if your organization could rapidly virtualize, query, and visualize data across any data source both on-premise or cloud-based?

We help major multinational corporations uncover important business insights by accessing data from multiple sources without compromising on performance or cost.

Denodo Alterntive Form
Denodo vs. Promethium




Reduction in cost vs. Denodo
Increased lookback period for analytics
Increased team productivity
Data Virtualization Makes Analytics Better for Everyone.

Promethium's data fabric creates an intelligent semantic layer independent of BI tools and cloud data platforms, centralizing governance and control while enabling decentralized analytics consumption.

Harness the Power of Data Virtualization that Scales Horizontally unlike Denodo


Reduce the number of tools used 90%


Reduce time to insights 20x


Increase everyone’s productivity 10x
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Organizations Today Have Multiple Data Sources And Data Tools But Less Context Than Ever

As organizations deploy multiple data warehouses and ops tools, they are forced to build, manage, and govern multiple semantic models across teams. 

Enter Promethium Data Fabric

Promethium’s Data Fabric is a virtual semantic model that applies to all data sources, even if not in the same data warehouse.

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Near Real-time Analytics

Business users can instantly make sense of data and get insights even as metrics dynamically change.

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Self Service

Easy to use interface enables anyone to make the most of their available data

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Easy Governance

One set of semantic models to build and manage for full transparency

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No matter what BI tool your company uses, you can be sure all your data is consistent and accurate

“One of the biggest pain points teams face is that these tools define key metrics differently and might not communicate well with each other.”

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