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Forrester Includes Promethium in Now Tech: Augmented BI Platforms, Q2 2021

Forrester's VP, Principal Analyst Boris Evelson has included Promethium in the Now Tech: Augmented BI Platforms, Q2 2021. Forrester's Overview Of 40 Augmented BI Platform Providers. The report, published April 14, 2021.

What is the Augmented BI Platform?

In the report Boris describes the Augmented BI Platform as:

Enterprise reporting and analytics software augmented with AI that provides descriptive and diagnostic analytics, data visualization and exploration, and dashboarding functionality as well as data integration and advanced (predictive and prescriptive) analytics based on statistical analysis and machine learning. These platforms support both graphical and conversational (cognitive) user interfaces.

Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics

Promethium Storyteller uses AI to interpret results of analytics so that everyone has the same understanding. The value of analytics is lost when more time is spent debating results than is spent taking action on the results. Storyteller solves that problem.

Data Visualization and Exploration

Enterprise reporting and analysis is slowed down by the traditional approach of discovering, transforming and moving data to a central location, like a data warehouse or data lake. Promethium helps break the cycle by cataloging, organizing and making enterprise wide data accessible at the source, without moving data.

With this approach all data can be visualized and explored quickly. There is no need for the data team to spend time finding, moving and transforming data to build a dataset.

Advanced Analytics

Promethium Storyteller uses AI and natural language search to automatically uncover insights and visualize them for you. This helps to overcome the challenges of not knowing where to look in data for insights and not having the time to build reports and dashboards.

Graphical and Conversational User Interface

Reporting and analytics software exists to help answer questions with data that improve operations, drive decisions, increase customers satisfaction, improve products and generally drive business outcomes. Promethium uses a search based conversational approach for asking answering questions with data.

Thanks to Google and search engines in general, search is main stream familiar experience. Promethium uses the familiar and effective search experience to make it easy to find answers from data and to find data to answer new questions.

Data Integration

The truth is that valuable enterprise wide data isn't in one location. It is spread out across different locations and technologies, including databases, data warehouses and SaaS applications.

Data volume and data sources are growing too fast for it to be possible to move all data to one location for all reporting and analytics needs. Promethium solves that problem by connecting to over 200 different types of data sources and enabling data to explored, visualized and analyzed securely at the source.

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