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How Can AI and ML Help My Business Grow?

AI is not coming. AI is already here, powering the tools and infrastructure that can turbocharge your business, but navigating the complexities of AI and ML can be daunting. So let’s break down a few of the barriers and challenges standing between you and the day your organization begins to benefit from AI based technology.

Let’s address the most often asked question first: What is machine learning (ML), and how does it differ from AI?

AI can be divided into two groups:

  • Weak AI

  • Strong AI

Weak AI is a technology that relies on algorithms to do a predetermined task. If you saw the new release of Jumanji, you might remember the NPC (non-player character) in the jeep that rescues the game players from a charging rhino. His responses to the players questions are limited to a predetermined set of answers that he regurgitates based on listening for certain voice cues.  

Strong AI differs from weak AI in that it enables machines to mimic human behavior. Due to the highly complex nature of its algorithms, strong AI can learn and adapt to a changing environment on its own. Most of the available AI today falls into the weak AI category.

ML is a subset of AI in which it uses statistical methods to enable machines to improve with experience. A machine is given access to a data set and is able to learn from it. In this case, a computing device given access to data about product shipping schedules and weather might conclude to build in 2 extra days on all shipments to Colorado and Utah due to potential snow storms in the area. Eventually, as the machine algorithm continues to learn, it may refine it’s shipping delay time to 1 day as it learns that trucks are more efficient than the machine’s original assumption at managing bad weather.

Why do I need ML based systems?

Petabytes of data are practically impossible for humans to manage manually. Parsing through mountains of data to understand what your data can answer consumes precious time, resources and the ability to focus on the true metrics that drive your business.  Having a bunch of data by itself isn’t going to help you succeed. Insight from the data is what is needed, and AI and ML have the power to unlock that insight.

Promethium’s Data Navigation System (DNS) has harnessed the power of ML to automate the entire analytics process. The DNS contains an intuitive interface that allows the user to simply ask the relevant questions. Data is then located and queries retrieved without the need for complex technical SQL query programming. Now the user can find the right data across different vendors, types and locations quickly and easily.

Building AI vs. Deploying AI.

Today, AI and ML systems can be quickly and easily deployed, meaning you don’t need to know how to build the systems, only how to operate them. For instance, when it is time to get in your car and drive down to the grocery store- (Wait, I hate going to the grocery store-let’s drive down to the grown up toy store instead)-you don’t have to know how to build a car. You just have to know how to operate a few simple controls on the car sitting in your driveway. Promethium has been built to integrate into your environment quickly and easily, and the simplicity of our GUI means you will be up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

AI and ML Are Only As Good As The Data They Are Trained On.

The data sets that train these advanced systems are absolutely huge, and they have to be in order for the machine to learn from the many different scenarios it will encounter. Unless you work for Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc, it’s probably unlikely that a single company or business unit can generate enough data for ML to be effectively trained.  Promethium’s SaaS solution leverages the Data Network Effect to train on several petabytes of data across its pool of customers. Those results are then verified to make sure that the algorithm is providing the most accurate and informed insights about your data across a wide array of data models.

Only large enterprises need AI OR ML.

This is not necessarily true. Even small and medium size businesses can benefit from extra insight into their data. Knowing what kind of questions your data can answer can take weeks or months parsing through data sets and tables. AI or ML can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend searching for the right question, and move quickly to generating insights. Promethium’s ML based software gives any size organization the ability to contextualize their data, so they can so they can arrive at actionable insight quicker.  

Want to learn more about how Promethium can help you uncover the meaning of your data faster? Visit us at



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