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Promethium Revision 18 Release: Empowering Data Management Like Never Before

Promethium is excited to announce the release of Promethium Revision 18, a significant milestone in our journey toward increasing the efficiency of data management and analytics teams. This latest revision introduces a suite of enhancements and new features designed to streamline workflows, improve data governance, and offer deeper insights for data engineers and chief data officers. Here's a closer look at what Promethium R18 has in store.

Promethium Revision 18

Enhanced Audit Log for Comprehensive Oversight

The Audit Log has been upgraded to provide a more detailed overview of various events and item types. The Audit Log now shows activities such as scheduling, updating, creating, and more, across a wide array of items like projects, data sources, and user activities. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for Tenant Admins, offering them granular visibility into user interactions with the system, thus aiding in usage monitoring and improving productivity.

Auto-Mode Improvements for Smarter Data Queries

The Promethium Auto-Mode feature has been refined to support more complex queries with enhanced execution progress reports and new filtering capabilities. Now, data engineers can apply 'is null' and 'is not null' filters and incorporate single or double quotes in their questions, allowing for more accurate data filtering and retrieval.

Integration of External Dashboards with Datamap Usage

Promethium R18 introduces the ability to add External Dashboards, such as Tableau, Maximo, and PowerBI, to your Datamap usage. This new feature enables users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the downstream impact of Data Products, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.

User Experience Upgrades for Analyses and Dashboards

The process of adding visualizations to dashboards has been significantly improved. A new modal allows users to add and remove visualizations with ease, offering a clear view of which dashboards currently contain specific visualizations. This upgrade streamlines existing workflows and enhances the dashboard customization experience.

Advanced Access Control for Data Products

Domain Access Control details for Data Products are now more accessible, providing users with critical information about data governance and compliance directly within the Data Preview Modal and Access Control Tab. This feature ensures that data engineers and chief data officers have the necessary tools to manage data access securely and efficiently.

Scheduled Tableau Usage Stats and Metadata Refreshing

Promethium R18 extends its scheduling capabilities to include the fetching of Tableau usage statistics and refreshing of metadata at specified intervals. This addition allows for better resource management and ensures that your data sources remain up-to-date and reliable.

Data Lineage Enhancements

Understanding the origin and evolution of your data is crucial. With R18, we've enhanced the lineage view to include data source and schema information on hover, providing a clearer understanding of your data's journey and dependencies.

Why This Matters for Data Engineers and Chief Data Officers

For data engineers, these updates mean more efficient data management, enhanced data integrity, and the ability to tackle complex data challenges with greater ease. Chief data officers will find the enhanced governance features, improved audit trails, and deeper integration capabilities instrumental in aligning data strategies with business objectives.

At Promethium, we are committed to continually enhancing our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. Revision 18 is a testament to our dedication to innovation, offering tools and features that empower data professionals to unlock new insights and drive meaningful business outcomes. Explore the new possibilities with Promethium Revision 18 and improve your organization's data management capabilities.



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