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Bob Darin, Former Chief Data Officer At CVS Talks About Customer 360 & Using Healthcare Data Faster

Customer 360 is critical for healthcare.

In this Data Leader Discussion, Kaycee speaks with Bob Darin, former Chief Data Officer of CVS Health, about improve healthcare and the customer experience by solving data challenges.

By improving the customer healthcare experience and securely breaking down healthcare data silos, customers get better care and are more engaged and satisfied. It can also result in decreased costs.

Unfortunately, healthcare has struggled to get there because data about customers is all over the place, including the forgotten data hidden in the corners of large databases. The only option that has been available to healthcare is to wait weeks or months for complex data pipelines to be built with data project management required across multiple data teams.

But that's not the only option available.

Bob Darin is a recognized industry expert in applying advanced analytics and data strategy in healthcare systems. He will share his experience tackling these problems from when he served as Chief Data Officer, CVS Health, and Chief Analytics Officer for CVS Pharmacy.

"The more we can bring data together and accelerate breaking down silos, with the right data governance, is an important thing for everybody and good for the analytics, data science, and business user communities." - Bob's Vision


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