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Can Cross-Silo Data Analytics For Healthcare Be On-Demand And Compliant?

Healthcare needs fast, effective on-demand analytics to optimize care and create new offerings while staying compliant. Public health and privacy depends on it. No one can afford surprises.

Challenges of on-demand analytics while staying compliant

Compliance has clashed with, and even prevented, fast and on-demand analytics for the Healthcare industry. Data is critical for the Healthcare industry to optimize care and create new healthcare offerings. Compliance increases complexity creating a process that requires many steps, people and tools, and relies on building data pipelines to move data to a central repository. It’s months of work that can’t be verified until it’s too late.

Breaking out of this slow and unsustainable cycle is difficult, so Healthcare organizations and businesses continue to do things the same way – even if it’s less effective. Meaning they miss opportunities to optimize care and identify and launch new offerings.


Real pain for healthcare

  • Complex data environments - acquisitions, many technologies, data in silos

  • Forced to choose compliance or speed, can't have both

  • Compliant cross-source analysis is slow or impossible

  • Can’t respond quickly to demands for data and analytics

  • Heavily reliant on moving data to a central repository


From traditional to on-demand - what it takes to get there

At the foundation of traditional analytics for Healthcare is heavy governance on top of the practice of centralizing data in an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) or Data Lake (DL) by moving massive amounts of data and creating multiple data copies. Data Leaders realize that it’s just not possible to scale or meet business expectations by only moving and centralizing data and governing for PHI and PII across growing amounts of duplicate data.

Breaking the slow and unsustainable cycle requires:

Single Data View and Access | Healthcare organizations and businesses can modernize their data strategy by having a single, complete, compliant and always up to date view of data, as well as real-time data access to the data where it lives - regardless of whether it's in a central repository or not. The combination of faster data discovery and data access without moving data makes on-demand cross-source analytics a reality.

Rapid Cross-Source Datasets | Doing the same thing the same way won't result in new innovations or opportunities. Give data engineers, analysts and business users the ability to test new analysis ideas or hypothesis faster than ever before. This means instant access to data or datasets without moving data first.

Intelligent Data Governance | Instead of intrusive data governance that puts a drag on the pace of analytics and innovation, add intelligent data governance that effectively controls data access and ensures compliance without adding long and unnecessary delays. The controls should be built in to the single data view and access point, and should help to track and understand data access and usage.


Healthcare Case Study

How HealthEquity is tackling data environment complexity to get business outcomes faster from data analytics

Reto Matter, SVP Data Strategies and Engineering at HealthEquity, spoke with Promethium CEO & Founder, Kaycee Lai, about his strategy for achieving faster data analytics and how he is tackling the type of complex data environment that is common in healthcare.

Listen to what Reto has to say here.

Image of a complex data environment in healthcare
HealthEquity - Tackling complex data environments in Healthcare

What's impact of solving the problem?

Modern data analytics before and after
Modern Data Analytics For Healthcare


Looking to speed up data and analytics? Promethium is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to find, prepare, query, analyze and share data. With powerful automation and Promethium's patented natural language processing technology data engineering and analytics teams can boost productivity 100x, while maintaining compliance.



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