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Letter From the CEO: Announcing New Promethium Free Edition

At Promethium we care about significantly boosting data engineer and data analyst productivity. That’s why today we are announcing a groundbreaking new Free edition of Promethium.

You heard it right, data engineers and data analysts can use Promethium for free to build, test, publish and run datasets for analytics faster than ever before.

At Promethium, our mission is to help every company enable their employees to be data-driven by removing friction at every step in data and analytics. Hardworking data engineers and data analysts are at the heart of our mission. When they can work faster and more efficiently they can transform their organization with data.

Data analytics is now the strategic necessity

In a recent conversation with Lalit Thakur, SVP and Chief Data Officer at American Tire Distributors (ATD), Lalit talked about making the number one tire distributor the leader in insights and analytics. Data analytics is critical to business success.

The race to unlock value from data faster and drive business outcomes is on. The organizations that will win the race will realize that analytics can’t be done without enterprise ready datasets. Simply connecting to a data warehouse or data lake to access raw data is not enough.

Today’s traditional approach for data analytics is complex, error prone and slow. Data engineers and data analysts struggle every day with manual coding, complex brittle ETL systems and a disjointed process that require many tools and hand-offs. They just aren’t empowered to help transform their organization.

That changes today!

Introducing Promethium’s Free Edition

Promethium provides data engineers and data analysts the fastest way to build, test and publish enterprise-ready datasets for analytics. The Free edition available today is a no-code SaaS solution for quickly, easily and securely building enterprise grade data pipelines with SQL - but without writing SQL because we auto-generate it.

With the Free edition data engineers and data analysts can immediately start building, testing and publishing datasets for Snowflake with these powerful features:

  • Snowflake connector

  • No-code user-experience

  • SQL auto-generator

  • Data Catalog with search, tagging, annotation, preview

  • No-code dataset builder (we call them Datamaps)

  • No-code data pipeline builder

  • Publish & run dbt models

  • Built in visualizations

  • Dashboards

Check out everything that’s included and get your free account on our pricing page.

Now with dbt

Promethium now includes the ability to build and publish dbt models directly from your browser. The ability to publish and run dbt models is included in the new Promethium Free edition.

We’re Just Getting Started

The Free edition is available today, so sign up and boost your productivity today!

In a few short years we have built an incredibly innovative full featured solution that erases data friction and slashes the time it takes to answer questions with data from months to minutes. We have built an incredible team and have been adopted by some of the most recognized brands in the world.

2022 is the year data engineers and data analysts will help their organization reimagine data analytics, and we will be there to help them to make it happen.



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