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Letter from the CEO - What's planned for the December product release

In this Letter from the CEO, Kaycee shares what’s planned for the next big Promethium release in December.


Hi Everyone

I wanted to give you an update on our December release that's coming up as there will be a ton of new features. At a high level, here's what you can expect to see in terms of what's coming this month:

Advanced Data Preparation

Advanced data preparation adds a new set of capabilities such as casting, concatenating, changing of column names, and creation of formulas such as count, max, min, average, std deviation and more.

Data Preparation Visualization will introduce a new way for Data Teams to visualize the data preparation process to see exactly what is happening in real time.

Further enhancing the data preparation experience is real time impact analysis, allowing Data Teams to see the calculated results in real time whenever joins, unions, filters and more are performed.

Promethium data preparation visualization
Data Preparation Visualization

Data Visualization

Big improvements are coming to Promethium’s visualization capabilities, including enhancing self service, adding more chart types, charting options, and improved performance.

The Promethium team and I are passionate about creating the best self service experience possible. The new capabilities for self service include:

  • Automated dashboard update and refresh, so that answers to questions will always be the latest when accessed by users

  • Editable dashboards which allow Business Users to make the changes they need without going to the Data or IT Teams

  • One click Looker integration including automatic LookML model generation so that Business Users can instantly use Looker to visualize without having to code the LookML model

Promethium data visualization
New and improved data visualization

Technology Support

The list of supported SaaS applications continues to grow with the addition of Salesforce, SAP Hana Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics as supported data sources.

Expanded multi-cloud support adds Microsoft Azure cloud for organizations that prefer Azure over other cloud solutions.

Machine Learning & AI

The Reasoner will now not only automatically select the best data and join it for you, it will explain the reason for doing it. Also included is the ability for Data Teams to interact with and train the system by agreeing or disagreeing with the decisions. Allowing the automation to be tailored for each organization. There will be 5 variables used in determining the scoring and auto recommended path.


Crowdsourcing for ratings and reviews is expanded to include questions, queries and data. Now tribal knowledge can be captured and shared to help make better decisions on what data to select and use.

Learn More

There are other enhancements around performance, security, and flexibility that are too many to list. I hope this gives you a good idea of what's to come. Please let me know if you want a detailed briefing or demo before starting a proof of concept.

Kaycee Lai

CEO & Founder



Please be aware that sometimes plans need to change in response to market and business situations, as a result the contents of the final release may differ from what is described or presented above.



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