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SiliconANGLE Case Study: To Accelerate Business Insights, a Clinical Lab Turns to a Data Fabric

Key Takeaways:

  • Quest Diagnostics saw the need for a data fabric that could integrate a distributed digital ecosystem and enable business analytics quickly.

  • Quest turned to Promethium Inc., a developer of a data fabric, for help.

  • "I realized this is the unicorn I’ve been chasing for years!" - Mark Clare, Quest Diagnostics

Read the complete SiliconANGLE case study here.

SiliconANGLE case study: To accelerate business insights, a clinical lab turns to a data fabric
Quest speeds time to data discovery

Executive Summary:

Promethium's Data Fabric Revolutionizes Data Access at Quest Diagnostics

The data landscape has seen a massive explosion in size, complexity, and velocity over the past decade. This has made conventional data storage and access methods, such as data warehouses and lakes, increasingly inadequate in terms of speed, investment, and talent requirements. Enter the data fabric, a dynamic solution to the challenges faced by businesses, as observed at Quest Diagnostics.

Mark Clare's Vision for Data Accessibility

Having joined Quest Diagnostics this year as the enterprise head of data and analytics, Mark Clare has always been an advocate for self-service data and insights access for businesses and their customers. His journey at Quest led him to realize the necessity of a data fabric. This architecture ensures that data scattered across the organization is quickly integrated and made accessible, addressing a longstanding challenge Clare had observed in corporate data ecosystems.

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of speed and agility in data and insights. As businesses sought quicker solutions post-pandemic, the need for architectures like data fabric grew.

Tackling Data Challenges with Promethium

Upon Clare's entry into Quest, he identified the company's data sprawl - distributed across on-premises and cloud environments and managed by various software platforms. Instead of building numerous data pipelines, Clare opted for a more efficient approach: partnering with Promethium.

Promethium's data fabric offers a unified, consistent view of data across multiple sources. With its generative AI capabilities and an augmented catalog that keeps track of all organizational data, businesses can swiftly build data products that can access varied data sources.

Industry Evolution and the Future

The healthcare industry, where Quest Diagnostics operates, is undergoing rapid transformation. The urgency during the pandemic demonstrated the industry's need for swift insights and efficient data capabilities.

Quest's approach is driven by business outcomes, linking data sources required for specific goals. A significant advantage of Promethium's Data Fabric is its incremental implementation over time. This allows businesses to create a core with the essential connectivity points to generate data products promptly.

With an eye on the future, Clare explains the need for flexibility and extensibility in the core of the data fabric. This ensures the system remains adaptable to emerging technologies and can swiftly pivot from legacy systems.

Moreover, Promethium's Data Fabric paves the way for smoother cloud transitions, enabling businesses to shift data to the most suitable cloud platforms while prioritizing business outcomes.

As generative AI becomes more refined, the potential to widen data access becomes evident. Clare envisions a future where data access is as simple as having a conversation, fulfilling the long-standing aspirations businesses have had with their data strategy.

Promethium's data fabric solution at Quest Diagnostics exemplifies the future of data management, where speed, flexibility, and accessibility are at the forefront.

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