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Next Webinar

Due to upcoming holidays, we may take a break from webinars. Please see videos from previous webinars below.


Previous Webinars

27th October 2020 - 3 Nightmares That Haunt Your Analytics Projects

Videos from webinar:

Learn how to end the nightmare of:

  • Not being able to find data when you need it

  • Waiting months for data to be ready to use

  • Not being able to take action on data

Many data projects end up in the graveyard because it takes weeks to find data, then months to move and prepare data, only to find out that the data can't be acted on.

Kaycee and Shohei will demonstrate how when used together Promethium and Looker can end your nightmare.


Previous Webinars

24th September 2020 - AI Powered DataOps - watch the recording

You can expect to learn how you:

  • Can dramatically reduce the time to complete any data driven analysis or decision project

  • Combine Promethium, Looker and Starburst to create a complete AI-powered DataOps solution

  • Can help you deliver self service business intelligence




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